July 30, 2002

College is a waste of time…

Paul Vitello, of Newsday, reports that President Bush made the following statement about the reauthorization of the 1996 “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act

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  1. Thomas 

    College is a waste of time and money. It is nothing more than a scam. After enduring 4-6 years of sitting in classrooms learning about 14th-century French artists, graduates still must compete for the same entry-level jobs as everyone else. You are going to end up doing exactly what your father or mother did/does for a living. Do not fall for the romantic myth of “going to college and bettering oneself”.

  2. Thomas 

    College is a waste of time and money. It is nothing more than a scam. After enduring 4-6 years of sitting in classrooms learning about 14th-century French artists, graduates still must compete for the same entry-level jobs as everyone else. You are going to end up doing exactly what your father or mother did/does for a living. Do not fall for the romantic myth of “going to college and bettering oneself”.

  3. Seth 


    Notice that the statistics showing how great college is for your income potential are provided by an organization that makes its living selling student loans. They operate on the principle that there is a sucker born every minute.

    The current college and DSL program is most likely the biggest fraud of all time.

  4. Anonymous 

    college is a total waste of a person’s life and money. It is a mental institution with brats, homosexuals, and crazy losers.

  5. Tim 

    Going to college was the biggest mistake I ever made. After four and a half years of calculus, chemistry and physiscs I am applying for the same dead end jobs I was appling for before I went. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW, IT IS WHO YOU KNOW. Unless you go to an upper crust school that has networking opps, your degree is worthless. Colleges should not hold a patent on education. I could have learned the essentials of the above mentioned subjects on my own. Why should you pay for some jadded and outdated Phd to spoonfeed you endless theory? You get paid to produce. If you are looking to make money go to a trade school, you will learn real hands on skills that will make you worth something.

  6. Randy LeJeune 

    College is a total waste of time and money. It’s just a big money-making racket that will put you into debt without giving you any real results. If you go, use it to build your networking prospects. Your academic performance and major are of no real value.

  7. I agree. I went for a year and droped out. I could not take the BS. now i cut grass and do landscapping and last year I made $138,000.00 last summer with it. I am in the process of buying my 1st 3 family house to rent out. If I was still in school I would be worth nothing and have a big dept. College is like an oxycontin or crack addiction It costs lots of money and in the end you never moved up in life and you are still with your parents. Hey atleast in 4 years from now ill be $400,000.00 richer and my 3 family home should go up in value $150,000.00 Thank and god bless

  8. John 

    More and more people will wake up to the fraud college is as they get tired of paying through the nose for it.

    There is a bright future on the horizon.

  9. Anonymous 

    That girls an idiot. Stupid college students waste their parents’ money to drink on weekends and go to school on weekdays. They have nothing to live for but to party on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Parents need to make those gay kids pay for their own school if that’s what they’re going to be doing. Plus, college doesn’t mean anything to anyone. Employers only want a degree because it’s basically a requirement. College students don’t realize this and when they get out of there they find a crappy job and whine about how they thought they’d be somebody. We live in a world where CREAM (you should know what it means) and that’s all our parents teach us. In conlusion, get a life college students or get wasted, because in the end your just wasting your time.

  10. Christine 

    After seven years of college (BA degree, MA degree, teaching credential), I can only state, sadly, that college is a fraud, a money-making scam that sells its idealized, romanticized pulp that, in reality, is of no more use than the information contained in the National Enquirer. After all of this work, my job prospects are no better than they were when I had only a high-school diploma. I strongly advise those who have a keen business sense and/or who are headstrong to AVOID college. Figure out which industry you would like to work in, and then go for it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IN COLLEGE! In college, you will find that the ONLY thing that matters is who you know. Regardless of your grades, your honors, and your awards, if you do not know (or please) the right individuals, you will not get anywhere.

    Save your money, save your time. But, if you must go to college, do so with the knowledge that: the purpose of college is to allow the colleges and money-lenders to profit from your ignorance. Guard your resources (financial and otherwise) and go to college only if you have absolutely no career alternatives.

  11. Gladiator 

    all the above coments are true these people are all very wise they must have real life experience unlike the make believe experience a college thinks it can sell you. i believe that these colleges and universities are actually destroying the foundation of this country through their liberal way of thinking and their left wing teachings. The college I attended openlly promoted homosexuality experimental drug use and many more unamerican thoughts and ideas. Some of these so called doctors and professors that inhabit these institutions should be put in a rubber room. Those who cannot do teach. One of my professors comended and admired a 20 year old classmate of mine who made 3,000 dollars a week selling crack in his housing project. These colleges and universities are just another governmental/corporation that have been put in place and promoted by the government, to steal our money and correct or direct our way of thinking and becoming good little sheepl.

  12. Peter 

    i to thought college was a big scam and waste of time and money. I agree with most of the comments i read i especially enjoyed the one posted by the Gladiator obviouslly a very wise individual. ps i did go on to finish law school and had a pretty lucrative practice going for a few years. I now own a sucessful property managment company and do not practice law any longer. i attribute most of my sucess to the real life experience i gained as a landscape contractor years ago not to my 125,000 dollar formal education.

  13. Anonymous 

    Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.
    Joseph Stalin
    think about that we are being taught a whole new way of thinking.

  14. Anonymous 

    Anyone who has passed through the regular gradations of classical education, and is not made a fool by it, may consider himself as having had a very narrow escape.
    William Hazlitt

  15. Earl Disgruntled 

    Four and a half years in college + membership in two elite honor societies + graduating Summa Cum Laude + having the highest GPA in my entire graduating class = still looking for a friggin’ job.

    Don’t bother with college unless you plan on working towards a professional degree (i.e., a medical degree, law degree, or graduate degree in engineering). Undergraduate programs (particularly in Business Admin, Marketing, Management, etc) are very nearly worthless because Universities probably churn out 20 degrees for every 1 actual related job opening, and you probably won’t be the one to get it.

    After 5 months of looking, I find myself applying for the same 19-25k a year jobs as the average high school graduate, and not getting hired because I spent my college years studying rather than gaining work experience. Yay me.

  16. Kevin 

    Don’t think that even medical school or law school will make you rich. Since I was considering becoming a lawyer, I talked with a few actual lawyers, and what they told me was pretty grim. Basically, they said that there are too many lawyers in this country (Really, look in the yellow pages and the hundreds if not thousands of lawyers you see)so it’s practically impossible to start your own practice. And, if you start your own practice, you charge your clients what they can pay. If you think about it, the only areas in which lawyers are going to be in high demand are lower class areas because usually there are more crimes there. I’d imagine that people in those areas are not going to be able to pay 500 dollars an hour and tens of thousands of dollars when they are sued.
    Basically, if you choose to go to college, and then go to medical or law school what will happen to you is this: You’ll have hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to repay and will only be making less than 43 thou a year as a lawyer starting at a medium sized practice, and probably a little over 50 thou a year as a doctor at a hospital. Really, even if you’re making 100,000 a year (which would only happen if you were hired by a top law firm) it would still take a very long time to pay off your student loans.
    The fact is, YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO GET RICH WORKING FOR ANOTHER PERSON. Think about it. If you own a company, law firm, hospital, whatever, to keep your expenses as low as possible you’re going to pay the people working for you as little as you can no matter how hard they work or how much they try to please you.
    If you want money, you want to start thinking about starting up your own business… Now, let’s be practical… Being a fashion designer/interior designer/acupuncturist/consulting firm in a middle class area, where most people can’t afford to drive anything better than a chevy isn’t going to work out. And, if you choose to start one up in a much richer area the competition is going to be more intense, so just don’t go that route. If you want money, you want to start thinking about starting up a strip club, a night club, or something along those lines.

  17. The Big D 

    I agree with college being a waste of time and money. I earned a degree in Business Administration over 3 years ago and although I’m still looking I have yet to land a job related to my studies. The 1st job I got after college was selling vacuum cleaners door to door. I quit that after a few months. I now work in the same job like my parents which only requires a high school diploma. I can’t afford my own car and still live at home. You’re better off putting the money you will use to pay for college to better use like opening up your own business.

  18. Anonymous 

    Where were you people before I went to college?! I wish I never went. I graduated this May with a degree in professional writing. I was a good writer before I went to college, so they didn’t really “teach” me anything. I learned alot of general education shit that I could have taught myself.

    I realized early on that my professors were stupid aging liberal hippy douche bags, but I stuck it out. They were morons. But I paid these people’s salaries, so who’s really the dumb one? I can’t find a job, and owe a shit load of money. My university gave me no real career placement assistance, only vague hints.

    Now I find out that my degree is worthless, especially in the current job market, and that networking and ass-kissing are the only ways I’ll find a job. I’m not really a people person or a suck up, so it’s looking rough.

    I’m thinking of becoming an electrician. I have a friend who’s making a killing doing that. I was the first person in my family to go to college. I’m not so proud of that fact anymore.

  19. Anonymous 

    I live in the UK and currently i am studying at Napier University in Edinburgh. I must say that it is true – univeristy/college is the biggest amount of bullocks ever. A complete fraud/scam, the only benefit of attending these institutions is the social aspect of meeting people and scoring pretty girls. Apart from all that uni/college is a WASTE OF TIME.

    The government realised a long time ago that they spend millions of pounds sending children to school and teenagers to highschool. After these kids graduate from high school they are about 17-18. The goverment can not just allow these kids to run wild in the streets… so they created university a medium for those children that believe university will give them a better life (more the parents push their kids to beleive this – than the kids their selfs) Now these kids become students and the government sucks all those resources (and more) from them that was previously given to them free of charge.

    Now every student that graduates from universiry or college cant remember shit from their course of study. After 1 year if these students have not found adequate jobs their degree amounts to shit. Basically you need the experience aswell as a degree tohave any chance of getting a good job, but how the fuck do you get the experience when you are engaged in study. After spending years at uni/college youmust spend another 2-3 years getting the experiemce before you have any chance of getting a good job.

    Then their is the factor of personnel capability. are you a socialite?? can you kiss ass? are you tall and hansome??

    Universuty degrees do not mean shit, it is better for you to get a stamp on your fore-head that says “REGECT” you chances of getting a good job would then be slightly higher.

    The punchline is do not WASTE YOUR TIME. Go explore the world instead, start a bussiness, get a job and work your way up(if that is possible)…..

    I go to uni/college for the sake of my parents to keep them happy – because they are so deluded with the hype of higher education. The status and pomp that is attatched to being a university student – “my son is a student” “he studies accounts” “he is an hounery student” “he is at university” its all pomp and a vain display.

    I want to run around my campus and bash every chump, slump, punk student their.. They all rediculous -blind sheep. i tell you !!

    be a shepherd not a sheep. today i drop out university… im going to smoke a big fat spliff and e-mail all my turors what i think if the establishment.

    It drives me crazy – what a waste of time college and university is. Yes it is true that some jobs you can not apply for because a degree is required… but will i tell you a little secret— 95% of these firms willnot check to see if you actually have a degree, they will just take your word for it. lol !! its true..

    Infact you would have a better chance of becoming a pop star that a successfull cooperate monkey. They like to walk loud and proud with their suits – “im an accountant” “im an investment banker” no nowhat you really are is a whores tramp.. Your shirt and tie represent to me a dogs collar and leash. When your boss says bark you bark..

    Is that a life Working from 9-5pm 5 days a week. With only 4 -6 weeks holiday per year (sometimes it is only 2 weeks).. Is that why you spent all that money on getting an education and spending all those days and nights studying – just to work 9-5pm at some chumps feet. u fucking loser !!!

    No ofcourse not these chumps do not realise this aspect until much later on in life – that is because they hace been governed and dictated by society for so long that it is just normall to them..does it make sence to spend all this money on an education that you forget 2 weeks after graduation. And the working 9-5pm on a shitty little salary which amounts to

  20. econdude 

    I have no idea if anyone will ever read this, but having earned an MA and a BSBA, I can tell you authoritatively that college is a stinking waste of one’s life. It is hard, boring work with zero reward at the end.

    If you’re not rich, you work, and if you’re happy with that, good, and if you’re not happy with that, too bad. Then again, what would you know about it, you found a way to escape even though you’re probably not rich: sitting in the revered ivory tower telling everyone how rewarding college education is. Why wouldn’t you, you have a vested interest in saying so.

  21. Thomas Kinley 

    College is a total scam. A 40K a year fraud for the idle rich who like to study art history, chemistry, and music all the while their degreee has NO real world value. In this economy, with double digit unemployment there are doctors, MBAs, DDS, etc….laid off, outta work etc….we have BA clueless 20 somethings stradled in college loan debt with NO job prospects unless pouring coffee or getting offic sushi qualifies as a “job.” DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE–A COMPLETE WASTE IN USA>

  22. Conrad B. 

    People who are afraid of life get PhDs and teach/work at college/universities–that way they can influence clueless 20 yos into further study (i,e. more debt) of useless topics and studies. To get in 25- 50K in student loan debt at the undergrad. level and have no jobs after graduating is ridiculous. Office secreterial jobs with a bachelors/masters is embarrassing with all those adevanced studies during college—-to answer phones and change the fax machine for $12.50/hr??? PhDs like being poor, they like driving old cars, marders, and preaching to those kiddies the values of studying and “doing good”. If they know all the answers–praytell—why are they still “working” in college–wouldn’t they be retired and donating their time at a shelter?

    Buy real estate, invest in land, -make a-PROFIT–forget college–total ripoff and waste of money. College degrees are pure fraud for the ignorant and the stupid. Be a plumber–people will always defecate, be cop, there will always be crime, be an electrician–people always need light, be a firefighter-people need someone to put out the fire from bad flatulence.

  23. Juan 

    The university is basically an American requirement filled with spoiled rich kids finally leaving their large, spoiled homes. Many are clueless about life, working, or earning a living. They resort to mommey and daddy’s money, or grandpappy’s financial help. Then, they fornicate, and drink heavily when they go to college because they are very, very stressed from studying quadratic equations, and pre-columbian art–very, very stressed-so they need lot of fornication, masturbation, RV road tripping, and drinking to help with this immense academic/personal stress. Then, these college kiddies “graduate” and try to get a job in the real world. Hence, the problem–they have an utterly useless degree that has no marketable value, they expect to be the vice president, and instead they take a crap job getting soda and sandwiches for the boss man. Better off living at home with mommy/daddy, and waiting for them to die, then inherit the dead money and live off that like many americans. aaaah democracy, aaah academia, smell those yellow book pages, smell the grades, smell the 11% unemployment. YEAH.

  24. Nicole Yaskai 

    College is like eating doodie (human excrement)–, the food cost a lot, but when you processed it—smells bad, is useless, and not good for you. College is great for those that like to obide by rules, like to not think just do, and love pleasing authority figures. College is the place for you. However, if you have a brain, think independently, and do not give a rat’s rear about what others think–college is a huge waste–like doodie.

    Thank you,

  25. Rutgers dude 

    Like others have state here, College= Waste of time and money in most cases, PARTICULARLY IN THIS ECONOMY! If you are going to college, at least get a degree and certification like nursing, as people will always be sick. I finished my bachelors in science in summer of 2008 and have applied to 10-20 jobs a week that I qualify for and never hear back from the companies. I went to career fairs and got nothing either. Only job offered was a sales position where they told me my salary was 10$ PER hrost people were fired after the fist month cause they couldn’t sell. Now it’s time to go blue collar, pay offloans, and then save up to start my own bussiness! LET’S ALL FIGHT THIS SYSTEM BY TELLING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE,SPREAD THE WORD!

  26. JT 

    Just keeping the train running.

    If you’re reading this, kids, and you’re being shoehorned into college by your parents, your school, or anything else- run. Run, run, run. Do not attend open houses or college fairs. Do not fill out a single application. Don’t even take your SAT. Do none of it until you have a solid, detailed, realistic plan as to what you really want to do in life, and have exhausted every non-college option in doing so. Research trade schools. Write freelance. Develop a kick-ass poker game.

    The university system today has long since abdicated any responsibility to its students. It will take you in, fill you full of useless, inapplicable information, and spit you out into a life of wage slavery.

    Only seriously consider college if one of the following is true:
    – You’re going into a field with perpetual demand for new talent that definitively requires a degree- law, med, engineering, accounting, or anything else with immediate practical use
    – You’ve been repeatedly recognized as a child prodigy in an otherwise non-lucrative field, such as science, music, or performance. The amount of scholarship money you’ve earned towards this end is a great way to tell whether or not you’re not wasting your time.
    – You’re financially or politically set to go to an Ivy League school, where the powerful connections you can make will far offset the costs of your otherwise worthless degree.
    – You have a giant trust fund and want a terrific excuse to party.

    If none of the following are true, then slam on the brakes right this instant. Fight the social forces pressuring you into five-figure debt and no job prospects in your early twenties. Do not let them ruin your life, kids. You’re all too young to be Stafford’s or Sallie Mae’s bitches.

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