November 3, 2002

Stiff Night Live…

I voted for Al Gore. That said, I think Gore’s personal style, if one can use that word in his case, is a political liability. Will his appearance on Saturday Night Live in December help loosen him up in the eyes of voters? Hmmmm. I thought Sen. John McCain did a remarkably good job last month on SNL. Who knew the guy could read cue cards and act at the same time? (The shower scene of the doting husband skit still cracks me up!) Plus, it’s apparent McCain knows how to laugh at/with himself. Can Gore pull off a similar performance? I have my doubts.

Plus, there’s the whole entertainment-political crossover thing that bugs me terribly. But, you, my loyal readers (yes there are at least two of you) already know how much I dislike entertainment’s intrusion into civic affairs. (via Oliver Willis)

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  1. I think that entertainment’s intrusion into civic affairs may well be politics’ intrusion into entertainment. Used to be you would go here for entertainment, there for politics. Now, it’s one-stop shopping with little choice in the matter.

  2. Hmmmmm…which came first, and can we ever know for sure? Plus, hasn’t some of the best entertainment throughout 2,500 years of western civilization been political in nature?

    Henry V
    (insert favorite modern political play here)

    Perhaps I doth protest too much ๐Ÿ™‚

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