November 3, 2002

Why people hate political ads…

Take a good look at this cartoon by Jack Ohman, and you’ll see why it is the polls say Americans dislike “negative” campaign ads.

While it’s obvious that negative ads do little to raise the level of civic discourse, Ohman clearly points out that “positive” ads are just as idiotic. Voters don’t like being treated as if they’re stupid. And that is about all political advertising seems to accomplish these days.

No Responses

  1. bob 

    you are a cool person i hate you

  2. Dave 

    I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who thought that these political ads were an insult to people’s intellegence.

  3. Anonymous 

    So much for politicians like Ginny Burdick and political cartoonists like Jack Ohman….I drove to work today from the country and the woods weren’t full of fanatical NRA members practicing with their weapons and the streets of the city weren’t running with blood as criminals ran amok with their “assault rifles”. ‘Nuff said?

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