November 4, 2002

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

I just watched a segment on MSNBC about political ads. The talking head was a political science professor. The anchor asked if negative ads “work.” Quite cogently, the professor said that’s really a 2-part question: 1) Do the ads work, i.e. get voters to make decisions? and 2) Are negative ads bad for American democracy? He answered “yes” to #1 and “no” to #2. I respectfully disagree. Yes, negative ads work. But, also yes, the typical negative ad is bad for democracy because it lowers the level of political discourse to often-inaccurate, sound-bite blathering. Our social, economic, and political problems require deeper thought and greater participation to overcome. Sorry, no links.

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  1. Mike Murphy 

    Are you happy with the election results? Maybe a shift in the senate won’t neccasarily be a bad thing. Perhaps it will open up new ideas as opposed to the “same old, same old” the democrats same to share. I am a republican, but I do understand that there is a need for democrats to balance or what they call a check and balance on the other party. There are people out there that actually want no republicans or democrats. Can you write back telling me your thoughts. Mike

  2. Mike Murphy 

    is anybody else bothered ny the negative campaigning? These people are supposed to be the leaders of our country, and here there are insulting our intelligence. How can one side accuse the other of being Anti-American or not supporting childrens education. They are simply trying to win votes by making the other candidate look bad. What they are really doing is making the people feel like no candidate is worth voting for. Mike

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