March 28, 2003

A great gig…

So the networks and cable news channels are trotting out the retired generals to comment on the war. While their commentary is interesting, infuriating, and insightful by turns, I find myself fascinated by the rhetorical situation this practice creates for Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Commander and potential candidate for President of the United States. While the other Democrats struggle with kairos and the proper tone for a campaign run during a war, Clark looks happily dapper and calm as he plays the role of military expert for CNN.

How might this stint as TV talking head help or hurt his chances for a 2004 run? I don’t know yet. But I’ll bet there’s more than one declared candidate who envies this exposure.

UPDATE (10:45 a.m.): Chris Suellentrop has this to say about “embedding” generals in the news shows.

UPDATE (10:50 a.m.): While the Democrats tread lightly on the campaign trail they must still win the first leg of the money race.

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  1. Alexander 

    Chris Suellentrop’s analysis of the role of generals is interesting, but I don’t think this is not a product of media creation, but rather the media manipulating something that exists in culture in general. You find at least in the state of Rhode Island for example that any professor of Political Science becomes a credible source –one that goes almost totally unquestioned irregardless of however absurd their assertions may be.

  2. Rebecca 

    Or, as an editorial cartoon says in my local newspaper today: “Old soldiers never die…..they go on TV.”

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