March 31, 2003

Mass hysteria…

In our modern, civilized democracy, the populace cannot be exhorted to obscene, mindless acts of boorishness or violence because we are heir to, and defenders of, a rational civic discourse. We air our differences as Madison, Hamilton, and Jay taught us to do by the example of The Federalist Papers. We are Americans: Champions of the Enlightenment.

Or maybe not.

No Responses

  1. Rebecca 

    But where is the snarkiness about the antiwar groups pooping and puking on the sidewalks of SF? Your bias is showing Doc!

  2. Please. Two wrongs and all that. Hawks have a responsibility to police their own.

  3. acline 

    What set me off about that article was the role of the radio station. And, yes, I do repudiate the bizarre crap we’ve seen from some protestors.

    As for my bias…I’m good, but I ain’t good enough to set it aside all the time. 🙂

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