June 25, 2002

Gallup poll results for Bush Middle East speech…

Gallup Poll Analyses: Americans Likely to Back Bush’s Conditional Plan for Palestinian Statehood. Gallup polled Americans about Bush’s Middle East policy for three days before yesterday’s speech. I find this part interesting:

“Prior to Monday afternoon’s speech, it was not just Democrats saying that Bush’s Middle East policy was unclear. Republicans were evenly divided in their ratings, with only 47% saying the Bush administration had a clear and well thought out policy and 48% disagreeing. Democrats and independents were even more negative — roughly two thirds of each group said Bush’s Middle East policy lacks cohesion.”

Yesterday, I suggested this speech, relying common-sense argument, was aimed at an American audience likely to react well to its cultural appeal. I think the Gallup numbers demonstrate that the sound of common sense will temporarily bolster Bush’s approval rating and the perception of him as an effective leader on the world stage.

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