Lieberman, Gore trade barbs…

Lieberman Critical of Gore for Moving Campaign Off Center Missed question: So what did you do about it, Joe, seeing as how you were his running mate? It’s Monday–slow news day coming off the weekend–so the best The Washington Post (see below) and The New York Times can do is give us barb-trading articles. Such articles would be more useful if the reporters explored what these snits mean politically. Consider this moment in the article:

“Al said some things in the campaign that were not the logical continuation of things–his voting record in the Senate and his career in public service,” Mr. Lieberman said. He noted that Mr. Gore had initially campaigned on what he described as a “pro-growth” platform that emphasized fiscal discipline, the importance of business and curbing the deficit. “The people versus the powerful unfortunately left that track and gave a different message, which may have been caused by the pressure that the Nader campaign was giving us,” Mr. Lieberman said, referring to Ralph Nader, the Green Party candidate. “But I think it was not the New Democratic approach.”

This is interesting because Lieberman is telling us much about the source of his own political power and the relationship of New Democrats to the constituency of traditional Democrats.