Bruce Springsteen and “The Rising”…

Joyce Marcel gives Bruce Springsteen a pat on the back for his new album, “The Rising,” in which he brings his redemptive rock and roll to the catastrophe of 9/11. Marcel says:

In the end, Springsteen’s images turn out to be our images. His feelings turn out to be our feelings. His grieving helps us grieve. Springsteen took an enormous risk in releasing this music. If he failed, he would have been condemned for presuming to speaking for all of us. But he spoke for himself, and that was enough.

I have not heard the album yet. I do plan to purchase it soon; I am a long-time fan. While I spend my days studying the rhetoric of politics and journalism, and teaching the same to students, it’s always nice to be reminded that often the most eloquent and persuasive messages reach us through art.