Reporter investigates Harlem Little League…

Stephanie Saul, of Newsday, is a veteran reporter and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Too bad she doesn’t understand her readers well enough to know what’s important to them. Seems she discovered that some players for the Harlem Little League team bound for the World Series didn’t live in Harlem, a violation of the rules. Is this an important news story? That depends. Saul discovered, apparently to her surprise, that some readers consider it very important. She said:

“I don’t think it’s the type of story most reporters aspire to when they get into the business. But I’ve gotten a lot of calls from parents who say this is a big deal for their kids and they need to have everyone play by the rules.”

So Saul entered the profession to be a certain kind of reporter covering certain kinds of news for her own gratification. What types of stories do reporters aspire to? Apparently reporters aspire to cover stories important enough to win prizes and advance their careers and reputations. Saul just discovered that readers care more about their own circumstances than her career goals.