Wall Street Journal, Coulter, and entertainment…

It’s official: Ann Coulter is an entertainer. Don’t take my word for it. Believe The Wall Street Journal. Melik Kaylan says:

“We have been programmed to think that such impassioned outrage, and outrageousness, are permissible only on the left, from counter-culture comedians or exponents of identity politics, certainly not from nice blonde Connecticut-born Republican girls. From Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Angela Davis, Reverend Farrakhan, yes. Ann Coulter — heaven forbid.”

Interesting list: two entertainers, one politician, and a preacher. Now Kaylan’s point is well taken, and I agree to a certain extent. There are more than few conservatives who deal in entertaining outrage also–all men. So is leaving Coulter out of the club sexist?

What strikes me as interesting about this column is that Kaylan doesn’t defend Coulter as a reasonable contributor to civic discourse. That’s not Coulter