Ideology and the defining the Social Security issue…

This memo from the National Republican Congressional Committee provides an excellent example of how language creates the political experience. Communications director Steve Schmidt shows his Republican colleagues how to counter the “Democrat strategy to portray ‘personal accounts’ and ‘privatization’ as identical” in the debate over Social Security. This is no small matter, as Schmidt correctly points out in the short, snappy second paragraph: “In politics, words matter.”

Josh Marshall offers a cogent, partisan critique of this memo. And he gives a nod to the fact that all political factions attempt to control and manipulate the definitions of words for political gain.

What I find most interesting about this memo, however, is its tone of objectivity, it’s utter rejection of its own ideology as subjective. For example:

“It is very important that we not allow reporters to shill for Democrat demagoguery by inaccurately characterizing