Media and the 9/11 anniversary…

Read this thoughtful column by Daniel Henninger about the 9/11 anniversary. Among his points:

“Despite all the solemnity, next Wednesday will be a spectacle. One might ask, where is it written that we are obligated to do these anniversaries, rather than letting life alone to unfold and re-form at its natural pace? But it has obviously become pointless in our culture to raise such issues. It is going to happen.”

Choosing quotes from sources and then posting them to a blog with added comments is, really, a rather strange thing to do. My choices, and the choices other bloggers make, are idiosyncratic and reflect our own peculiar concerns and ideologies. That’s not what I intended to say when I chose the quote. Instead, I’m engaging in a little free writing because it occurs to me that the quote I chose does not do justice to Henninger’s column; it is merely what I find interesting.