Boycott TV tomorrow…

Anniversary: No Place to Hide The headline of Howard Kurtz’s column this morning is certainly dramatic and just as certainly inaccurate. There are plenty of places to hide from the TV blitz on the 9/11 anniversary if one is willing to turn off the TV. Kurtz quotes reader responses to the coming blitz from a recent online chat:

“What is the obsession with the blanket coverage? To what demand do the media believe they’re responding?”

“I do not need or want to be Reminded. Therefore I am limiting my TV viewing to the Weather Channel.”

“Chalk me up to the many people who do NOT want to see any more coverage or rehashing of the 9/11 event.”

“This week I am: changing my clock radio from NPR to WPFW, eschewing all newspapers for a couple of new novels, and not turning on the TV except for rented videos.”

“I know what happened. I cried for days. Now give them all some peace, huh?”

I shouldn’t draw any conclusions from this anecdotal data. But I’ll be interested in the ratings numbers tomorrow, from which conclusions may be drawn.

UPDATE: Even Walter Cronkite believes TV coverage of the 9/11 anniversary will be overdone.