Media conglomeration versus democracy…

Gore: Democracy Under Media Siege Al Gore recently spoke to journalism and communications students about media ownership and the move afoot to ease ownership restrictions. The left-of-center argument against such concentration of ownership is that it will spell the end of democracy in America by encouraging politicians to pander to a few individuals or corporations. But there should be a right-of-center argument against this, too. If the media is as liberal as conservatives suppose, then it would seem only reasonable to keep ownership regulations intact to keep leftists from owning too many outlets. But there’s a conservative position, however, that is much stronger than any fear of a so-called liberal media–the belief that government should not dictate what we may own, how we may own it, and in what numbers we may own it.

I think we can see right now what corporate conglomeration does to the flow of information–especially when we consider commercial tie-ins across media types, e.g. the media conglomerate publishing “news” of its latest Hollywood release in its news magazine and TV news programs. I think the danger to “democracy” may be overstated. The danger may be more commercial in nature. (via Political Wire)

UPDATE: Here’s what Gore is talking about. And the Wall Street Journal has this to say.