“Privatize” out, “reverse reparations” in…

Here’s an interesting story from my local newspaper–The Kansas City Star. Republicans are pulling a “reverse reparations” ad from a KC radio station. The ad is aimed at convincing African-Americans to support GOP efforts to privatize at least part of the Social Security system. The ad specifically equates Social Security payments with something called “reverse reparations.” The mandatory payment statement at the end of the ad said it had been paid for by GOPAC, the GOP political action committee founded by Newt Gingrich. After complaints, GOPAC disavowed the ad by claiming the organization did not place the commercial, called it a mistake, and said it was being canceled. I wonder how GOPAC can cancel an ad it claims it neither placed nor paid for.

This trend has been building in political advertising (from both major parties) for some time now: Create increasingly offensive ads, and, when complaints are made, pull the ad, call it a mistake, and claim the offending PAC didn’t really authorize or pay for it. This seems to me to be a clear violation of the federal law that political ads must state who or what paid for the ad.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall beat me to this by 12 hours (I waited for it on paper). He’s got an interesting angle and more links.

UPDATE: Here’s a news story about the “privatization” definition debacle.