Liberal bias proven?…

At Cut on the Bias is a report on Professor Jim A. Kuypers’ new book about media bias. He claims there exists “a narrow brand of liberal bias within the mainstream media.” To which I respond: Maybe.

MediaMinded also highlighted this topic this morning, and I left this message in the comments section there (I have corrected one typo for this post):

“This professor sent me e-mail recently to announce his book and solicit its purchase for my classes. I’ll get around to reading it asap. I’m very interested in his data set. It remains my contention that one can “prove” political bias of all sorts depending upon the data set. I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve read it and the peer reviews in the proper journals. Until that time, the best scholarship still comes down solidly for the idea that journalism’s biases are more structural than political (a contention this new book may or may not challenge). Those structural biases do often favor a liberal point of view. But this is a far different thing than an overt political bias.”

Let me highlight two points: 1) This new book may or may not challenge the structural biases of journalism (won’t know for sure until I read it), and 2) The structural biases often favor liberal positions, although this is a far different thing than an overt political bias. My advice to pundits: Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. This academic work deserves careful, critical consideration, not kneejerk reactions. I’m sure Dr. Kuypers would agree. I’m just as sure few pundits will heed this advice.