Bush to go public on Monday…

Theodore Roosevelt said that the presidency is a “bully good pulpit” because the president can go public and, thus, put political pressure on Congress. Bush will address the nation about Iraq Monday night for exactly this purpose. From the CNN story:

The speech, part of Bush’s public relations campaign for his Iraqi policy, comes on the eve of votes in the House and the Senate on a resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq and as the administration faces an uphill battle getting support for a tough new U.N. resolution to deal with Saddam. One U.S. official said the president won’t reveal any “explosive” new evidence about the threat posed by what the administration has described as Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and won’t unveil any new U.S. policy, but will “urge the American people to make sure they are heard” as the country and the U.N. debate what to do about Saddam.

In other words, Bush will do his best to move the hearts and minds of the citizenry to his cause. A recent Gallup poll says most Americans support military action against Iraq for the purpose of removing Saddam Hussein–but with qualifications. Look for Bush’s speech to address those qualifications.