Senator Showbiz…

The Arizona Republic isn’t amused with Sen. John McCain’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” The editors make a good point.

But politics and show business have become so intertwined that it’s difficult to work up much consternation about McCain’s choice. Recall that Richard Nixon, who charted much new territory in using the media to his political advantage, taped a short spot for “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in.” We elected an actor President of the United States. Following Bob Dole’s Viagra and Pepsi commercials, and the Mario Cuomo-Ann Richards Dorito’s commercial among others, McCain’s foray into late-night comedy hardly draws a raised eyebrow.

I’m clearly on the record as opposed to mixing politics and entertainment–not that this means very much today. Be that as it may, I did watch the show last night and thought McCain did a good job. Highlights included his imitating Attorney General John Ashcroft, playing himself on a Meet the Press spoof, and an hysterical commercial bit selling a CD called “McCain Sings Streisand.” I thought the show was politically balanced–plenty of laughs even for the most humorless Democrat or Republican.