Trudeau on blogging…

Doonesbury continues to criticize blogging this week. I’ve caught a whiff of peevishness about this in the blogosphere. But also note that college students are a target of this series, too. So far, I prefer to think of this series as more complicated than simply Trudeau taking a swipe at bloggers. I’m going to let this thing unfold a little more before offering my own critique.

UPDATE (9:45 a.m.): A collegue just stepped into my office and asked if I’d seen the cartoon this morning. She had no clue about blogging. To her this was a slam on college students who plagiarize from the internet.

UPDATE (2:48 p.m.): Daniel Drezner has this to say.

CORRECTION: My remark about “peevishness” does not refer specifically to Daniel Drezner. I’m sorry I did not make that clear in the UPDATE. I received a very polite e-mail from Dr. Drezner alerting me that he had posted a clarification based on my post and this one. I make it a personal policy to avoid criticizing specific bloggers or their posts. I may from time to time refer to and criticize bloggers in the aggregate as I did in this entry. The purpose of Rhetorica: Press-Politics Journal is to criticize the rhetoric, spin, and propaganda of the press and politics, not bloggers.