Who’s the target?…

Does Garry Trudeau know anything about blogging? I’m not sure yet because I’m not entirely sure that bloggers are the primary focus of this week’s Doonesbury cartoon. I suspect this series is far more about college students. Today’s cartoon, however, demonstrates something Daniel Drezner pointed out earlier: Trudeau apparently doesn’t do much homework. If he had in this case, Zipper would know exactly what his “fan base” is because we bloggers are all familiar with tracking stats. But notice that this bit of error is actually a set-up. Trudeau wants to critique the content of blogs and/or the seriousness of college students. He set up the take down by playing dumb on the stats so Redfern could laud Zipper’s “thunder bolts across cyberspace”–only to find out the subject is rather trivial. Who’s to say what’s trivial in cyberspace?

UPDATE (2:20 p.m.): Tom Tomorrow has this to say.

UPDATE (2:30 p.m.): Yesterday I posted a correction to my Doonesbury entry because one might assume I had criticized a specific blogger (something I avoid). I stand by my apology and my correction. Come to find out there was this whole right-left snit going on about just who was taking offense at Doonesbury and why. I picked up on some “peevishness,” but not the snit. So, just to make sure I have the bases covered, check out these posts by Hesiod and Andrew Olmstead.