Searching for Jenny…

Jenny McTagarty, Girl Pirate is a popular blogger. She must be because dozens of people have hit Rhetorica searching for her since Thursday. You may recall that Jenny is the fictional blogger created by Garry Trudeau for his Doonesbury strip last week.

It turns out that Jenny is actually Elmont.

I was getting annoyed with the strip late in the week because it seemed aimless. Just what was Trudeau satirizing–bloggers, college students, internet sociology, all of the above? I would prefer he had focused on something more specific.

But I liked Saturday’s cartoon. I liked that Jenny McTagarty turned out to be crazy Elmont. I suppose I liked it because this was a comment on identity. Now exactly what it is Trudeau is trying to say, I don’t know. And I’m not sure I care. What the cartoon points up for me is that those of us who blog are ultimately judged by the quality of our ideas (or the correctness of our ideology). Some of us are famous. Some of us are obscure. A few of us are anonymous. But in the end, you dear reader do not really know us as corporal beings. We are blips on your screen.

The blips hide the physical differences. The blips cannot hide the ideological and intellectual differences.