Edwards emerges from the rubble…

Sen. John Edwards delivers an economic policy address today. I’ll post an analysis of it on Presidential Campaign Rhetoric 2004 shortly after a text is available. According an article by The New York Times:

The speech by Senator Edwards comes at a time of logistical maneuvering among prospective Democratic contenders that it now appears will result in the shape of the party’s presidential field being largely set by the end of the year.

While having a field set by the end of this year may seem premature, just the opposite is true. Certainly we may see others enter the race. But if real contenders wait too long to declare following the mid-term losses, the Democrats risk allowing the Republicans and the polls to continue defining them. The contenders must define themselves now. Reports in the Charlotte Observer and the AP claim that Edwards may have “emerged from the rubble [of the mid-terms] better off.”

I’ll have more to say on this after I get a look at today’s speech. (via PoliticalWire)

UPDATE (7:40 p.m.): Slate’s William Saletan has this to say about today’s address. I’m working on my analysis now. I’ll alert you when it’s ready for reading at PCR2004.