Wait and see…

I do not like predicting political outcomes. So let’s just call this an opinion: I think Al Gore will run for president in 2004. The rhetoric of his book tour and recent TV appearances seem to me to be an effective set up for an end-of-the-year announcement. So where might that leave Joe Lieberman? He keeps hinting at a run. Lieberman promised not to run if Gore runs–a promise Gore dismissed in his recent interview with Barbara Walters. From a CNN report we learn this:

A Los Angeles Times poll of 312 Democratic National Committee members published Sunday found about 20 percent favored Gore, while 4 percent backed Lieberman. Choosing from a list of 10 prospective candidates, almost half of respondents had no preference.

Four percent isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. But it’s early, and many in this important group are undecided. Wait and see.