The problem is obvious…

ABC’s “The Week” with George Stephanopoulos is losing the Sunday morning ratings race. The problem is obvious:

“Week’s” round table “looks very old,” said Tyndall Report editor Andrew Tyndall. “Everyone’s got one. Didn’t John McLaughlin do that 20 years ago?”

[Executive producer Jon] Banner disagrees, claiming that his panelists, like former Newsweek Intl. editor Fareed Zakaria and ABC correspondent Michele Martin, are more articulate than other round tablers and aren’t prone to shouting.

This is TV, not print. Articulate? No shouting? Banner should be learning from the other shows rather than criticizing them.

UPDATE (12:25 p.m.): I agree with much of Neil Postman’s critique of television versus print. I disagree with many of his criticisms of the internet, however, because I believe it is essentially a print-based medium, despite the electronic bells and whistles. I just ran across an interesting example on Slate of what print can do that television cannot do. Despite the fact that this is surface-scratching of complicated thought experiments, this short article, in my opinion, handles it far better than TV ever could. On TV, John Rawls and John Harsanyi would have to shout at each other to make this interesting.