December 29, 2002

December search strings…

This month, “bushism” was the top search term that brought readers to Rhetorica. That’s interesting because I didn’t write much about Jacob Weisberg’s feature on Slate until late in the month. As you may recall, I have taken the position that it is time to end the Bushisms.

The second-and third-place terms have me a little perplexed, “peggy noonan” and “daniel pearl death video” respectively. I haven’t written anything about Noonan since early November. I wrote about the death video months ago. Hmmmm…

Rounding out the top 20 are the normal terms that indicate the bulk of interest in The Rhetorica Network, terms having to do with rhetoric, politics, journalism, and media bias. I suspect that many of these searches are conducted by students. I get a lot of e-mail asking for help with term papers, which I gladly give.

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