Talk of war on Capitol Hill..

Rhetorica readers know this isn’t a so-called “war blog,” unless we’re talking newspaper war. CNN covers the situation on Capitol Hill, in which Roll Call and The Hill are increasing their publishing schedules. One interesting note: both papers are owned by foreign interests. Hmmmm…

Both papers are also non-partisan, a situation one media analyst believes must change for both to survive:

“I think in the long term, there’s not room for both papers unless one of them were to start taking one political side,” said Larry Grimes, president of WB Grimes & Co., a Gaithersburg, Md., investment banking firm that specializes in the media industry. “Typically, in a market where you have two papers with the same editorial focus, their growth tends to be stunted because there’s no need for two publications,” Grimes said.

One the hand, I can see how two partisan papers fighting it out week to week on the Hill could add something valuable to the greater conversation about the legislative branch. On the other hand, such a situation could devolve into the kind of partisan pissing matches that make CNN’s Crossfire (and its ilk) a black hole for intelligent civic discourse. (via PoliticalWire)

UPDATE (3:50 p.m.): Tapped has evidence that the conversion of The Hill to a right-wing paper has already begun.