Image is everything…

It appears Joe Lieberman’s political image has been carved in stone. Howard Kurtz delivers it from the Mount Journalism:

More important, perhaps, is whether his low-key, hand-wringing, can’t-we-all-reason-together tone can excite voters. He’s very witty; a gripping speaker he is not.

Lieberman is a decent guy, but sometimes too decent to take the necessary partisan shots. Remember his yawn-inducing performance in the debate against Dick Cheney? You don’t get to be president without throwing some punches. Yet he ducked yesterday when asked how he differs from his Democratic rivals.

Image is certainly important in our TV age. But policy is important to the actual governance of the republic. Do you suppose the press will have much to say about what Lieberman actually thinks and how his thoughts might translate into policy that affects the lives of average Americans?

UPDATE (11:55 a.m.): William Saletan focuses more on message than image.