Further into the mainstream…

The New York Times has published its anticipated profile of Glenn Reynolds, aka InstaPundit.

Reynolds was a topic of discussion at our recent KC blogger get-together. No one lacks an opinion about him and his blog.

No, I’m not going to get into my opinion of InstaPundit. I believe that beyond a few formatting conventions, there is no genre of blogging. We all do our own thing in a wonderful outpouring of variety and complexity. To each his own. I have had a few people ask me why I don’t link to him. But I do–twice. He’s on my Professors Who Blog page and on Dr. Cline’s Media Sources.

If you’re interested in watching new bloggers develop, keep an eye on Pirate Blog–the blog for my freshman English class at Park University. Tomorrow I’ll be going over how to use MoveableType. I hope to see the first posts as early as Friday afternoon.

UPDATE (5:07 p.m.): I like this response from Mark A. R. Kleiman. This from Hit & Run.