Hear no evil…

Did the crowd boo the image of George H. W. Bush at the American Music Awards on Monday night? When the band Alabama received the Award of Merit, a taped congratulatory message from the former President appeared. According to Jeanette Walls, the crowd booed, but people watching the event on ABC television apparently did not hear it.

So was the broadcast censored? Well, if there were in fact boos, and if in fact the boos were not broadcast, then, yes, the sound was censored.

Big deal? Of course not. ABC’s broadcast of the awards show was entertainment, not journalism. This incident makes for a fun bit of gossip, but it’s hardly surprising (or a concern) that TV entertainment manipulates reality for its own purposes.

I suppose we may ask if the manipulation were political. Hmmm…conservative bias on an arts entertainment program? Kinda makes you think, huh?

(No, it doesn’t. I find this simply amusing. Plus, it’s a slow blogging day.)