How to become a pundit…

Washington Whispers asks if the “payout” for publishing a book about the current administration is worth being frozen out of the White House. I think the answer to that question is: Hell yes.

David Frum and his book, The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush, are currently ignored topics around the White House. Paul Bedard’s inference seems to be that upsetting the administration, getting frozen out, is a terrible thing.

Frum previously set himself up as a culture watcher with his book How We Got Here. And he’s published two books on politics, including Dead Right and What’s Right. He has established himself as a conservative pundit. The White House gig merely adds a little insider clout to a growing resume of punditry.

May I suggest that getting frozen out was the whole point? It’s called a marketing strategy. (via PoliticalWire)