Unified voice…

Consider the concept of voice as it applies to the office of President of the United States. I say “office” because the presidency is more than one person; it is many voices that speak through one person in an attempt to create a unified political agent we call the president. Bush speaks as the president, but his officers propose policies and positions, his words are crafted for him by speech writers and edited for style and content by political aides. The voice we come to know as that of George W. Bush is actually a complex amalgam, although Bush is ultimately politically responsible for these words and this voice.

What do you do when one of those voices doesn’t agree?

Howard Kurtz takes a look at the “Condi conundrum” in regard to her opinion about affirmative action procedures at the University of Michigan. Apparently she agrees with the President’s position but still thinks race may be taken into account in college admission.

Of the President and the press, I wonder who put whom in a bad position here.