Jesse to the rescue…

Can Jesse Ventura save MSNBC? Verne Gay says if his new soon-to-be-announced show fails, then that’s the end of the cable network.

I would think there’s room for optimism. Ventura is a showman. Plus, as D. J. Leary, co-editor of the newsletter Politics, says: “The gift he brings to MSNBC is the ability to find that little phrase, that nerve, that will touch people. He talks to the people who want to give the finger to the system.”

This is real talent–for TV.

Further, there’s every expectation he’ll bring his distain for the news media to his new job in the news media. Ventura will become his own “jackal.” This should be entertaining, which means the show will succeed and MSNBC will be saved! (from the delusion that it is a serious news organization).