How to sell books…

Dr. Eric Alterman should adopt a more academic tone in his public conversations about bias in the news media. Oh…wait…he’s trying to sell books–not to a captive audience of college students but to the general public. And, apparently, he believes it’s necessary to engage in exactly the kind of mindless ranting that is the hallmark of public flamers such as Ann Coulter.

On FOX’s The O’Reilly Factor, Alterman equates the beliefs of conservatives with the fanaticism of suicide bombers. In Esquire, he says he wishes Rush Limbaugh had “gone deaf”–reference to a recent medical condition.

MediaMinded has the details. Check it out.

The topic of bias in the news media is far too important to be left to flamers. Dr. Alterman appears to be entering that camp. To my way of thinking, such rhetoric could (and, perhaps, should) quickly eliminate him from serious consideration.

UPDATE (11:35 a.m.): MediaBistro runs a Q&A interview with Alterman today.