February 21, 2003

What did the man say?…

MediaMinded found an interesting item about Aaron McGruder, the cartoonist who writes Boondocks. He gave a keynote address for Black History Month at Indiana University and, apparently, said some inflammatory things. Apparently he said the Republicans killed Sen. Paul Wellstone.

Now, I agree that extremists of all sorts say extreme things when given a microphone. That’s one of the things that makes them extremists. So I’m making no apologies. My question is this: where’s the quote?

Neither a story by the Bloomington Herald-Times nor the IU Daily Student quote McGruder directly. Both reporters, instead, assert that he said such a thing.

Hello? It’s called news. And you need to quote such news directly if it is serious. If it is not serious, then we need to know that. Is this an example of extraordinary incompetence or, perhaps, political bias? Or something else? (i.e. “I tell jokes for people who like leftist political humor.”)

I’m trying to run down a transcript. If this guy is seriously claiming political murder, we ought to know EXACTLY what he said.

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