Late to the debate…

Howard Kurtz thinks the media are late to the debate over war with Iraq. He says:

Whether you’re for or against the war, a full-throated debate in the media is overdue. This was the first time this year that the Sunday shows had given such prominent treatment to (admittedly famous) peace activists. The Beltway tilt toward officialdom–and the president’s domination of the airwaves with his anti-Saddam campaign–have largely muffled dissent, at least until now.

Suddenly, you had millions of people protesting the war here and around the globe the weekend before last. You can almost envision TV execs stroking their chins and saying, “Hmmm. Maybe this antiwar thing is bigger than we thought. Maybe it’s the next reality programming. Get me Sarandon!”

I suppose we may disagree over the definition of “full-throated.” But it seems to me that the debate is there to read, if not to be seen on TV as Kurtz is claiming.