Out of context…

I’m a big fan of Daypop, the news and weblog search engine. They have a new feature I find fascinating. It’s called “Top Word Bursts,” and it tracks popular words across the blogosphere. Why? I don’t know. What do single terms “mean” out of context?

One use I can see for Word Bursts is shameless self-promotion, turning us bloggers into telemarketers of a sort–annoying! You see, the goal would be to post an entry every day that contains as many of the popular words as you can stuff into a few sentences. Some words would be difficult to work smoothly into a discourse. For example, how do you work adwords, spybots, and isonews into the same entry? Sounds like a recipe for brain stagnation. Might be perilous to one’s popularity. Your readers might end up dazed by the feat. Bezos as it may, some will try. I can horta cry of “foul” from those with more self-respect.

As a concession to good blogging, I think we should resist cheap attempts to wabi our rfid.