Blogs in education…

I gave a presentation at the Kansas City Urban Literacies Conference (sponsored by UMKC) this weekend on using blogs in education, specifically writing and rhetoric classes. I’m happy to say my thoughts were well received. Briefly, I argued that the value of a class blog may be seen in two factors: 1) Students write more and more often, and 2) the reality of an audience outside the classroom gets them to think of themselves as writers.

My freshman are writing Pirate Blog this semester. I plan to let this project ride at least two more semesters. I’m also planning to allow all students who take this class to remain active authors.

I’ve added Weblogg-ed to the blog roll. It’s a clearing house for educators who use/write blogs.

In other news, top search strings for Rhetorica in February included: “rhetorica,” “media bias,” and “political definitions.”