Happy Birthday Rhetorica!…

One year ago today, I began The Rhetorica Network. This blog grew quickly out of that effort. It was three blogs early on. Then two. By April, I was able to focus all of that early casting about into the Rhetorica: Press-Politics Journal.

A little history:

As part of a research project during my doctoral course work, I started Presidential Campaign Rhetoric 2000 in the summer of 1999. That effort included a blog-like feature I called The Timeline.

PCR2000 morphed into Presidential Rhetoric 2000 shortly after the inauguration. That site limped along on the server at UMKC while I attended to more important tasks such as reading for my comprehensive exams and writing my dissertation. As I came to the end of that process, I decided to begin again with my own domain.

During February 2002, I fiddled with site names and formats. On 3 March, I contracted with ICDsoft.com to host my site (a Hong Kong-based outfit that I highly recommend). On 5 March, I uploaded a bunch of left over stuff from my UMKC days and called it all The Rhetorica Network. What does that include today? Just check out the left sidebar.

This effort has certainly changed my life. I have nothing profound to claim, except that Rhetorica keeps me writing every day–a good thing! And I have not been bored with this effort for even a moment during this first year. A growing list of repectable and intelligent bloggers have found Rhetorica worthy of a link. Further, I seem to be attracting a small but committed following of smart readers who keep me thinking. That’s about as good as it gets.

Thank you for reading.