Expected leadership…

President Bush said nothing new last night as he told the nation that we are now at war with Iraq. Such remarks are an expected form of leadership. On his orders we have attacked Iraq. On his words we listen for the leadership necessary to see us through this difficult time.

As I have said many times before, Rhetorica is not a war blog. I will not be following this conflict except as it intersects issues of rhetoric and propaganda in the press and politics. Much of war is fought with words, however, so I will have things to say from time to time.

Bias alert: I have come to think that this war at this time is a bad idea.

That said, I wish we had finished the job during the Gulf War. I wish one of Clinton’s cruise missiles had killed Saddam Hussein. I hope one of our missiles got him last night. I know our soldiers will prevail. I know some will pay the ultimate price. I am comfortable with that because death is a reasonable hazard of the great and difficult job they willingly do for us.

UPDATE (11:15 a.m.): The New York Times considers competing claims of media bias regarding coverage of the war.