Shocking and awesome…

I’m used to being interviewed by mainstream media on issues of rhetoric regarding presidential politics and campaigns. My earlier post on “shock and awe” caught the eye of a reporter for the National Post. And this quote caught the eye of a producer for CKNW radio in Vancouver. I’ve just finished giving them an interview on wartime propaganda and my take on “shock and awe.”

Click here to hear the interview. From the drop-down menu, choose 21 March 9 a.m. My interview is about 5 minutes into the broadcast.

In other Rhetorica news, there’s been a spirited exchange of ideas on the comments section of my post on the Daschle-Hastert snit. I gave my students the same “quiz” with the proviso that such an exercise is a bit absurd. But they managed to come up with some interesting takes on how to criticize the war and not draw criticism for giving comfort to the enemy. We discussed the tactics of both men and how they might, or might not, further various political goals. I’ll post a sample of their work later today.

UPDATE (12:40 p.m.): Tim Porter has a thoughtful post on the language of war–a must-read for journalists and news consumers alike.