December 19, 2019

I Once Was A Textual Analyst

Back in the day, I was a textual analyst. This very blog began as a grad-student project in the textual analysis of campaign rhetoric in 1998. It morphed into Rhetorica in early 2002. I kept up the same general schtick in examining the press-politics relationship for many years.

Then it just became pointless.

That may have been a hasty decision on my part when I made it… how long ago now? Because this week we have seen the distribution of a presidential text so extraordinary as to be the real nail in that old coffin of this blog and my project.

The Trump letter to the House of Representatives regarding impeachment: I’ve linked you to The New York Times and its laughably who-gives-a-shit fact check.

Well, some people still give a shit, but they are opposed by an authoritarian faction that is by turns shameless in producing crude propaganda based on lies and distortion and an inability to actually tell the difference between that and the facts of reality.

They had many choices in 2016. And they picked this guy. And they support this guy.

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