March 12, 2020

Back to Camp

Shane Franklin, Senior Producer for Carbon Trace Productions, and I head back to Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Mexico on Saturday to finish filming Witness at the Border — the sequel to our documentary film Witness At Tornillo.  We’ll be there for a week.

Well, assuming the border doesn’t close while we’re in the refugee camp.

And there’s the whole coronavirus thing to deal with.

This could be one hell of a trip. Or, as one wag of a student put it today in class: “It could be a whole new documentary!”

Many of my students have been expressing the “feels like I’m in a zombie movie” emotional response to coronavirus — today especially as Trump finally addressed the nation on the … what? … epidemic, pandemic, something else? MU, just up the road, has closed for a couple of weeks. MSU might. Depends. We’re heading into spring break, so the powers-that-be have a bit a breathing room before making any decision about closing school. MSU has suspended all spring study-away trips and banned travel to China.

The big Broadcast Education Association conference, where our 2019 student documentary Zero was to be honored, has been called off. If you’re of a mind to, please click that link, pay $2, and watch it.

The Kansas City FilmFest International 2020 has been postponed until later this summer. Witness At Tornillo is an official selection.

But I’ll be spending this next week with people who have it a lot worse than I do. We go into post-production upon our return. The film will be ready for screening by fall.

BTW, the donation link mentioned in the video? Just click here. Thanks!

Witness at the Border |Fundraiser| from Carbon Trace Productions on Vimeo.

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