Document Your Life

Look for something do while staying home?

You may interpret that question differently depending upon whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. I’m an extrovert, so, yeah, the whole staying home thing is a challenge.

I’m encouraging everyone to document this moment in history on video using your phones. Tell your personal story.

Now you might be thinking: Dude! We do this everyday already. It’s called social media.

Yes. True. But…

  • Let’s get those phone videos turned to landscape format.
  • Start recording your experiences. Think bigger chunks — sequences — not little snippets that last seconds.
  • Talk to us. Tell us what’s going on. What are you thinking and feeling. Tell us why it’s important to you. Write a script if you have to.
  • Use text to give it a title and identify people and places.
  • Publish and share.

The personal and day-to-day are some of the most interesting bits of history.