Blogging and Comment Policy

I will always try to:
1- Refrain from posting a link to any material I have not read thoroughly and carefully.
2- Make sure that I understand important concepts presented in source material and explain to my readers concepts at the foundation of my analyses.
3- Be fair in my representations of all political factions.
4- Remember that my purpose is academic, not polemic.
5- Update entries as new material becomes available.
6- Correct my errors and omissions promptly and publicly on the post where the error was made. If the error is egregious, I will additionally write a new, explanatory post.
7- Strive for the best writing and analysis that I am capable of producing–understanding that some days will be better than others.

Comments Policy: I do not allow comments on Rhetorica. There are better ways to communicate with me.

The Rhetorica Network provides an independent and academic voice in civic affairs. I do not accept advertisingtips, or other forms of compensation for this site. I am not now, nor have I ever been, in the employ of any political faction, politician, or party. I am paid by Missouri State University to, among other things, disseminate my research and expertise. The Rhetorica Network provides one venue for that effort.