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Rhetorica Blogging and Comment Policy
The Rhetorica Media Ethics and Rhetoric Journal offers analysis and commentary about media ethics and the rhetoric, propaganda, biases, and spin of journalism. I hold to these “rules,” however imperfectly, as way to make this blog a trusted voice in the explication and criticism of journalism and language issues involving journalism and politics.
I will always try to:
1- Refrain from posting a link to any material I have not read thoroughly and carefully.
2- Make sure that I understand important concepts presented in source material and explain to my readers concepts at the foundation of my analyses.
3- Be fair in my representations of all political factions.
4- Remember that my purpose is academic, not polemic.
5- Update entries as new material becomes available.
6- Correct my errors and omissions promptly and publicly on the post where the error was made. If the error is egregious, I will additionally write a new, explanatory post.
7- Reply to correspondence as necessary promptly and politely.
8- Strive for the best writing and analysis that I am capable of producing–understanding that some days will be better than others.
9- Avoid posting off-topic entries unless I explain why I feel the need to go off topic.
10- Avoid criticizing the opinions of other bloggers.

Comments Policy: The comment system is open. I require an e-mail address to post a comment. I will not use of your e-mail address for any purpose other than its roll as comment verification in the WordPress content management system.

Podcasting Policy: I have upgraded my hosting service so that I may do podcasting.  The .mp3 files are large and eat up a lot of bandwidth. So I will erase older podcasts from time to time. I will, however, preserve the entries and comments. I will archive only selected podcasts.

Book Review Policy: I do not solicit books for review. Weblogs are rapidly becoming a sources of book reviews as publishers tap into the power of the blogosphere to target likely customers. If I accept a book for review from a publisher, I will follow through with a review on Rhetorica. The nature and scope of a review will be entirely up to me. I will only accept books in my teaching discipline (journalism), my research discipline (rhetoric), or my areas of interest closely associated with Rhetorica and  my teaching and research (language and communication issues involving journalism, media ethics, and politics). I will approach each book from my disciplinary perspectives. In addition, I will comment on the rhetoric of a given book, i.e. what outcome the author intends, how s/he articulates that intention,  and what use a reader may make of it. I will link to any associated websites. I will link to the book’s page on Amazon. I do not participate in any associate or advertising programs with Amazon or any other bookseller.

The Rhetorica Network provides an independent and academic voice in civic affairs. I do not accept advertisingtips, or other forms of compensation for this site. I am not now, nor have I ever been, in the employ of any political faction, politician, or party. I am paid by Missouri State University to, among other things, disseminate my research and expertise. The Rhetorica Network provides one venue for that effort.

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